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Y&R Spoiler Alert! 8/24/09

Here’s a run down of what’s crack-a-lackin next week in Genoa City:

Ashley will find out about Jack’s plan to have her mental stability evaluated.

Ashley will try to talk Jack out his plan, but to no avail. She will turn to Adam for help.

A psychiatrist will come to Mustache Manor and be snowed by Ashley, who is closer to the edge than ever. The psychiatrist will then announce that a commitment will not be necessary.

After Paul finally finds Mary Jane and she reveals her true identity, Patty will take Paul hostage at paul1gunpoint.

Paul and Patty will bond and he will see just how far gone she is. She will reveal to Paul why she came back to GC in the first place.

J.T. will confront Victor about his role in the Mary Jane debacle. Victor will laugh in his face and deny all.

Gloria and Jeffery will attempt to blackmail Victor again, and fail. Victor will make them a deal they can’t refuse.

A stand off will ensue at the church where Patty is holding Paul hostage.

Ashley will remember running Nikki down. Maybe she can tell us where the hell Nikki went while she is at it.

Thanks be to Jillian at Daytime Confidential for these spoilers. Click on the pic above for more deets and spoilers!