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Y&R News & Rumors

Patty will shoot Victor but it will be all good. Nikki will return but will she rush to be with Victor as everyonepatty expects her to?

Colleen will be brain dead. That’s the end of that.

Gloria, Amber, Kevin, Daniel, and Jana will all plot to get their hands on the real Terroni. By now, we are asking ourselves who really cares about it?

jillKatherine will follow Jill and discover her working in the nail salon. The ladies will bond and Katherine will drop a boat load of cash for a tip. Could this mean a reunion?

We are still pondering when Andrea Evans will show her actual face as Tawny Moore. We don’t know, that is for sure!

Thom Bierdz will most likely be put on recurring status when his contract expires soon.

New Y&R TidBits

Here’s a few tidbits we feel you should know before the holiday weekend comes to an end:

sharonNick’s love for Phyllis will be once again put to the test when Sharon begs him to keep the maybe-baby’s paternity a secret from everyone.

Patty will take Colleen hostage after Colleen frees her from her current captors, Gloria and Jeffrey.

Colleen will try to alert JT by cell phone. Patty will catch her. It looks like Patty may actually kill Colleen, but colleendon’t quote me on that last part.

Deacon and Amber’s wedding will begin. Chloe will be maid of honor.

danielDaniel will try to stop the wedding.

In case you were still wondering, Kamar de los Reyes (ex-Antonio Vega, OLTL) is NOT joining the cast of Y&R.

Y&R Spoiler Alert! 8/31/09

adam1It has been a great week on Y&R with the Mary Jane debacle coming to hostage standoff, with Chance as chief negotiator. The ridiculous hits keep on coming! Is Mary Jane really pregnant? Is Adam EVER going to get busted? There is also Sharon, Nick and Phyllis to think about. Click on the pic above to get the scoop from Jillian at Daytime Confidential!