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Y&R: Mac & JT’s Steamy Liplock!

This week on Y&R, the custody battle over Reid continues. Victoria will challenge JT and the couple will get in a verbal brawl. Icky Vicky will bitch slap JT and run off to lick her own wounds, leaving JT all alone with Mac. JT will then run into Mac and a steamy liplock will ensue. The bliss of the kiss will be over when Victoria spots Mac using a key to get into JT’s apartment. Victoria will hand Mac her ass, only succeeding in pushing her closer to JT. What a conundrum! Who do you think should get custody of Reid? Please leave your thoughts and comments below!

Jackass of the Month: Y&R’s Jack Abbott

Patty tricked Jack when she came back to Genoa City as Mary Jane on Y&R. She tricked him again by drugging Emily and breaking bad on a bottle of peroxide and becoming Jack’s wife. For months Patty has been living as Emily while Emily rots away at the sanitarium. Jack Abbott is our Jackass of the Month because he slept with Patty, he slept with Patty as Mary Jane, and he slept with Patty as Emily. Any other man could tell what was up, even on soaps. It makes me wonder if he has any feeling down there at all….

Daytime Emmy Awards Air Date Announced!

Soaps In Depth is reporting that the Daytime Emmy Awards will be held on Sunday, June 27, at the Las Vegas Hilton! At the moment, there are no further details available as to whether or not the show will be televised, but we will keep you posted!

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Y&R’s New Heather: Love Her or Hate Her?

I am a soap fan that believes that it takes a little time to get used to a recast. However, with Eden Riegel comes high expectations! I thought Eden looked fabulous as Heather. Eden’s baby voice is something to overcome, but overall, I was impressed. What do you think of the new Heather Stevens? Love her or hate her? Or just not decided? Please leave your comments below and let us know what you think!

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Ode to Muhney: Why Did You Have to Go?!

Although I am still unclear as to all the facts, I do know that someone will be murdered this week on Y&R. My heart sinks at the thought, but I believe the victim will be the beloved and terribly misunderstood Adam Newman. Yes, Adam did evil things, but in the end, all he wanted was to be loved. Almost everyone in town has threatened to kill Adam recently and I can smell a whodunnit a mile away. But will Adam really die? Let us hope that TPTB let Adam escape, so that Michael Muhney can return to Genoa City and be redeemed.

Ode to Michael Muhney, your evil smile brightened my days……I know. I’m a dork.