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Holy Wicked Weaves

It’s no hidden secret that Y&R has gone crazy with the weaves that hair and make up slaps on its actresses. What we don’t understand is why? Here’s the 411 analysis of this hairy situation:

Tyra Hamilton: When Tyra showed up in Genoa City she had short hair and was quite stunning. tyraThe character was strong, fresh, and enjoyable to watch. Suddenly, Tyra began donning weaves of all different lengths and textures. With each passing weave, the character declined more and more until NO ONE wanted to see Tyra on screen ever again. Hair and make up made an ass out of Eva Marcille again by attaching some kind of animal tail to her head and sending her on set to seduce Devon. Ew. We haven’t seen much of her since, not that we are complaining, but we don’t think it can get much worse than that!

mac1Mackenzie Browning: When Clementine Ford began playing Mac, we took an instant dislike to her. With her short hair and monotone voice, we were instantly calling “RECAST!”. Instead of taking our advice, and yours too, hair and make up slapped some extensions on Mac to make her appear younger. Wardrobe hooked her up with some cleavage-ready outfits and for a hot second, we had a change of heart. It didn’t last. Clementine Ford still kind-of sucks. Sorry girl.

Recently, AMC jumped in the wacky weave races by dropping a hot mess on top of Angie’s head. angieWe aren’t exactly sure what they were going for, but we liked the short, curly, more age appropriate hair do that Angie was sporting before. That weave/wig/pelt is too much for us!

Where Is The Love?: Y&R

I cannot tell a lie. Therefore, I have to say that today’s eppy was a snooze fest. But here is the low down:

Colleen attacked J.T. on the couch and they started to have sex. J.T. was a good boy and got off thecolleen train before he could do something he would regret. Some slimy fool took some pictures of these kisses for Victor, of course!

Victoria was at the GCAC, thisclose to having sex with Deacon. This would be tryst was interrupted by a desperate Amber, who was whining over Daniel. Victoria eventually left.

Deacon let Amber back in and the two started to have sex.

Daniel asked Victoria to help him take down Deacon. Victoria pretty much laughed in his face so Daniel took matters into his own hands.

Daniel made an ass out of himself at the club while trying to extract the painting from Deacon and finding Amber there.

chloe1Chance and Chloe went on their date and Amber sat with them for a while. The girls discussed Amber’s latest debacles and her break up with Daniel. An inquisitive Chance asked a few questions and after Amber left, he quickly deduced that she was reckless. Wow. Virgins are smart, huh?

Kevin had a deep talk with the stranger, Ryder, who for some reason admitted that he had killed someone. Of course, the first person I thought about was Tom Fisher. I think this whole debacle is a scam.

Victor tried to kiss Ashley’s ass today. Ashley rejected all of his niceties and said she was going to bed. AshleyAshley stated very clearly that she did NOT want to see or talk to Victor for the rest of the day.

Victor talked to Abby about Ashley, lying through his teeth as usual. He went upstairs to check on Ashley. He knocked and called her name but received no response. The mega asshole that he is, Victor just hauled off and kicked the damn door down. Ashley then confessed that she was scared he was going to try to take the baby from her. He said “I would never do that to you.” Um. Really? What won’t Victor do to get what he wants? Seriously.

Victoria and J.T. eventually met back up and tentatively made up, but have no fear: It will not last long.