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The 411 Superstar of the Week: Eileen Davidson


The climax of the baby switch debacle on Y&R is finally upon us! Yes, the tale was convoluted and we have been waiting forfreakingever for Adam’s lies to be uncovered. Almost everyone in Genoa City is involved somehow, each being somehow negatively affected by Adam’s reign of terror.

Michelle Stafford and Sharon Case are delivering stellar performances as Sharon deals with the truth and Phyllis deals with the thought of a possible reunion between her husband and his ex. However, we want to give props to Eileen Davidson this week for bringing the pain and denial of losing yet another baby to our screens.

Years ago, Ashley lost her baby Robert, and ultimately lost her mind. Davidson proved then that she could do mentally ill well. This week, Ashley’s denial and desperation will cause her to leave GC with Faith. The question is, will she stay gone?

Y&R: Breaking The Rules


On Y&R today, Billy reached out to Mac and finally gave her the support she needed as the surrogate for Lily and Cane.
Only moments before this discussion, Mac signed a contract that said she would remain abstinent during the pregnancy.
By the end of the eppy, Billy and Mac were sucking face, and we were led to believe that love making was imminent. There are several ways that this storyline could go:

1. Mac gets pregnant by Billy. Everyone thinks it’s Cane and Lily’s. We have to watch Cane and Billy fight over a baby all over again. Or,

2. Mac gets pregnant by Billy. The next day, the surrogacy is a success and Mac somehow becomes pregnant again. Mac gives birth to twins….We still have to watch Cane and Billy fight over babies.

So, no matter how this storyline turns out, I think it is safe to assume that Billy and Cane won’t be patching things up under the name of brotherly love anytime soon….

Y&R: Back For A Day & Still A Bitch


On Y&R today, everyone involved in the Terroni debacle got served by the grand jury, who want answers in regards to the “alley murder”. The usual suspects got notice, such as Deacon and Victoria, who both acted as if their worlds were going to come crashing down around them. Surprisingly, Heather Stevens was just chillaxing at the club, when Victoria decided to confront her. Heather’s bitch ass may have been MIA for months, but she didn’t miss a beat. Heather blatantly told Victoria that on a personal level, she hoped that she would fry. Vail Bloom is very pretty to look at, but Heather’s bitch factor is at, like, 120%. Therefore, she is f-ugly! However, my hatred for Victoria’s haughty attitude about J.T. and the law outweigh how annoying Heather was. I look forward to watching Heather rip Victoria to shreds on the stand.

Y&R: What the Hell Is That?


Sometimes little goodies like this one just land in my lap, and I feel the immediate need to post. I also feel the immediate need to question the talent of hair and wardrobe. After being subjected to Clementine Ford’s (Mac) eyebrows almost daily for months, and now the oh so scary face of Daisy, why this? Poor Adrianne Frantz almost always looks like a tramp, but this is going to far!