Y&R Spoiler Alert 7/17: Lauren vs. Jill!

Lauren and Jill are locked in battle

Lily and Cane treasure their time with their babies, and hope for a happy future

Mackenzie’s post partum depression deepens

Skye reveals her plan to Adam

Victor and Nikki are caught off guard by a visitor

Adam gets a lawyer

. . .

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  • Wemestopper

    if my memory is correct, supergirl may not be nicholas child. she could very well be jack's. when nick got the dna test results back, he left town for 2 weeks, came back and told everyone the child was his. no one asked to see the results just took his word for it. could it be that he thought this was the daughter that cassie told him he would have one day? i'm just saying i'd like to see happen. phyllis is always running to jack let the child be his. never liked nick and phyllis together anyway.