Y&R’s New Heather: Love Her or Hate Her?

I am a soap fan that believes that it takes a little time to get used to a recast. However, with Eden Riegel comes high expectations! I thought Eden looked fabulous as Heather. Eden’s baby voice is something to overcome, but overall, I was impressed. What do you think of the new Heather Stevens? Love her or hate her? Or just not decided? Please leave your comments below and let us know what you think!

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  • Good read. I have made a twitter post about this. Hope others find it as interesting as I did.

  • Sarah

    I'm sorry, but I think it's a terrible recast. I don't think that they had to recast the role at all. Vail Bloom was great as Heather. As for Eden Riegel, I just don't see her as a ADA nor as Paul's daughter. For me this recast was a total fail!

  • Mesapu

    I don't think she is a good fit for this role. Ordinary look,weak voice,no sparkle.

  • Phyl

    Love her! Give her time to feel her way into the role. To say she's not a good fit, this far in, is a bit unfair. She's not there to replace Vail Bloom. She's there to give Heather her own spin; that's what she was hired to do. I have no doubt she'll be successful doing it. Vail Bloom stated she was not forced out, but was leaving of her own accord. End of story.

  • Doop92

    Love her! What's not to love she is a great actress (the emmy kinda proves that) and give her a decent storyline and stand back and watch her shine. Has great range and depth and cant wait to see more of her on screen!

  • I LOVE her! I actually look forward seeing Heather on my screen, and that has never happen before. I never cared much for Heather, so is very easy for me to embrace the recast.

    I find nuHeather to be a little more devious, bitcher and not bratty, which is a huge improvement. This is what I always picture Heather being like. I also find her to be more… charming, even when she's being mean or difficult I enjoy her scenes.

  • Lassah

    Put her back on AMC. I love Vail Bloom. Beautiful and a great actress. Why did she leave? Eden just doesn't have the DA bearing. Too wet.

  • busybea

    Eden's been awesome in every role she played and will be awesome in this, give her time and storyline, and stand back

  • KK

    Looking forward to seeing what Eden will bring to the role. It's definitely an unlikely recast, but it doesn't mean she won't eventually make the role her own. Hope the writers give her the opportunity to show her depth and talent. I predict a big emotional storyline + hot boots = “Eden Riegel Rocks Y&R” headlines coming soon.

  • Yoh86

    Love her so much. I respect other comments however Eden is Eden & she's not Vail Bloom copycat. Eden is stunning & a natual beauty. She's a great actress too with talent , skill & experiences. In addition, Eden got the feel & believe in the character given to her & an appealing energy brings 2 her performances. The emmy proved it. Thus, I am so eager & fully support seeing her as “THE NEW” Heather. Eden forever & I really impressed.

  • WillowMaclay

    Luuuuvvvv heeeerrr!

  • japmap

    Love Eden Riegel!!! WIth her chemistry and talent at portraying characters with complexity, fire and vulnerability, Eden will definitely make this character her own. Can't wait to see her unleash her mojo in and out of the courtroom! Looking forward to seeing more of “nuHeather” on screen!!!

  • jrobey83

    Definitely LOVE Eden as nuHeather!

  • Gene Roberts

    The new Heather Stevens seems too young and vapid to pull off the role of a talented attorney. Her voice and demeanor are more college freshman that assistant D.A. and Eden doesn't seem to have much for acting chops. The Y&R fans in my circle are all very turned off by her.

  • kpmuse

    Eden rocks in this role!! Give her as many front burner stories as possible, a raise and a nice long contract!!!

  • mbs829

    I think Eden is going to be great in the role of Heather and people need to give her more time than 3 episodes before writing her off. You know, maybe let her settle into the role and get more comfortable? (Vail Bloom's Heather was barely seen on-screen for huge chunks of time and now everyone has an favorable opinion on a character many viewers were not very fond of.)

    As for Eden's acting chops, I wonder if winning a Daytime Emmy Award means anything?

  • Trisha

    Hate her, hate her, hate her! Will the real Heather please stand up. This new girl is way too young for the role. Assistant District Attorney ??? Oh please, give me a break. Takes years to become a lawyer and then years of experience to become a district attorney …. she's like, fresh out of college! Not mature looking enough for the role. Don't know what the Y&R producers are thinking. The new Abby is too old for the role of a teenager. This ex from The Guiding Light (Lizzie Spalding) just had a baby in real life and is married … playing the part of a silly teen just doesn't suit her. Y&R get real!

  • Diane Marques

    Don't like the new Heather…..chloe should have nothing to worry about and if she does then this story line with STINK !

  • Diane Marques

    Don't like the new Heather…..chloe should have nothing to worry about and if she does then this story line with STINK !

  • Shirlita00

    HATE her! I like the old Heather wayyyy better!

  • guest

    Absolutely hate her. She can’t act at all! How would anybody every hire her as an actress? When I read positive comments about her I am stunned. She is so repulsive looking I have trouble even looking at the screen when she’s on, and that creepy little girl voice? Ewww. ADA? Give me a break

  • Llane41855

    PLEASE bring the old Heather Stevens back along with the old Adam….I hate looking at these two…GROSS!

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