Lefty and Righty. When we date somebody!

Once upon a time in the quirky town of Heartsville, there lived two very peculiar characters: Lefty and Righty. They weren’t your typical townsfolk; they were the brains behind a lovable but hopelessly clumsy guy named Timmy, who had a particular talent for stumbling over his words and tripping over his own feet when trying to date someone.

Now, Lefty and Righty had an important job: they were in charge of managing Timmy’s dating life. But here’s the catch – Lefty was the logical, analytical half of the brain, always thinking ten steps ahead, while Righty was the impulsive, emotionally charged side, prone to sudden bursts of passion. Together, they made quite the odd couple.

One sunny morning, Timmy decided it was time to ask out the lovely barista, Lily, who worked at his favorite coffee shop. His heart raced as he approached the counter. Lefty was already hard at work, crafting the perfect pick-up line. “Remember to maintain eye contact, Timmy,” he reminded his host.

As Timmy opened his mouth to speak, Righty couldn’t contain himself and blurted out, “You must be made of copper and tellurium because you’re Cu-Te!” Timmy winced, realizing that Righty had just chosen the cheesiest line in the book.

Lily blinked in surprise, then broke into laughter. It turns out, she had a soft spot for quirky science jokes. Timmy, with the encouragement of Righty, saw an opportunity and joined in on the laughter. Lefty reluctantly conceded that Righty’s impulsive move had somehow worked.

With a shared chuckle over periodic table humor, Timmy and Lily started talking. Lefty took over the conversation, guiding Timmy to ask open-ended questions about Lily’s interests and dreams. Righty, on the other hand, added a touch of charm to every word Timmy spoke.

As the days turned into weeks, Timmy and Lily went on delightful coffee dates. Lefty carefully planned each outing, making sure Timmy had reservations, and that everything was well-organized. Righty, however, couldn’t resist adding a dash of spontaneity, encouraging Timmy to try Lily’s favorite coffee blend and surprise her with little gestures like handwritten notes.

But then came the day when Timmy, under the influence of a particularly strong coffee, decided to serenade Lily with his guitar. Lefty was nervous, fearing this might be too much, too soon. But Righty was convinced that it was a romantic gesture.

Timmy stood outside Lily’s window, strumming his guitar and singing a heartfelt song. Lefty was mentally preparing for the worst when Righty whispered, “Trust me, this is the ultimate grand gesture!”

To everyone’s surprise, including Lefty’s, Lily appeared at the window, her heart aflutter. She blew Timmy a kiss, and the two shared a laugh. Love was in the air in Heartsville, and Lefty and Righty had finally found common ground.

From that day on, Lefty and Righty worked in perfect harmony. Timmy and Lily’s relationship grew stronger, full of love, laughter, and the occasional science joke. The townsfolk of Heartsville watched in amazement as the clumsy guy who once tripped over his words found his perfect match, thanks to the odd couple inside his head.

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Harmonyville ist da place for you.. In Holland

In the vibrant city of Harmonyville, nestled between rolling hills and beside a meandering river, lived a young woman named Alex. She was known throughout the town for her bright smile and an infectious enthusiasm for life. Yet, there was something about Alex that set her apart from her peers – she was a transgender woman.

Growing up, Alex had always felt like an outsider in her own body. As a child, she played with dolls and dressed in her mother’s clothes when no one was looking. But, she couldn’t deny the nagging feeling that something was amiss. It was like a puzzle with missing pieces, and Alex yearned to complete it.

One warm summer afternoon, as she sat by the riverbank, her reflection caught her eye. The image in the water, a distorted version of herself, reminded her of the internal struggle she had faced for years. The time had come for Alex to embrace her true self and embark on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

With unwavering determination, Alex began her transition. She sought support from close friends and found solace in the local LGBTQ+ community. Her best friend, Jamie, stood by her side throughout the process, offering unconditional love and unwavering support. Jamie had always seen Alex for who she truly was, and their friendship only grew stronger.

As the days turned into months, Alex started hormone therapy and began presenting herself as her authentic self. It was liberating, like shedding an old skin and revealing the beautiful person she had always been inside. The journey wasn’t without its challenges, but Alex was resilient, and the love of her friends and family buoyed her spirit.

Harmonyville, as its name suggested, was a town filled with acceptance and open-mindedness. People welcomed Alex with open arms, and the town soon became a haven of diversity and inclusion. Alex began to share her story at local schools, helping young people understand the complexities of gender identity and encouraging them to embrace their authentic selves.

One sunny morning, as the town gathered for the annual Harmony Festival, Alex stood before a crowd of hundreds. She recounted her journey, her struggles, and her triumphs. Her voice trembled with emotion as she spoke about the importance of self-acceptance and the power of love and support.

The crowd listened intently, moved by her words. Alex’s story resonated with so many, not just those questioning their own identities but also those who wanted to understand and support their loved ones better. It was a moment of unity and compassion that Harmonyville would never forget.

In time, Alex’s life blossomed in ways she had never imagined. She became an advocate for transgender rights, working with organizations to promote equality and inclusion. And, she found love, a deep and genuine connection with another trans woman named Riley. Their love story was a testament to the idea that love knows no boundaries, no matter one’s gender identity.

Harmonyville, once again, lived up to its name, as it embraced Alex and her fellow trans residents. It was a place where everyone was free to be themselves, celebrated for their uniqueness, and supported on their journey to self-discovery and self-love.

In the heart of Harmonyville, Alex’s story became a beacon of hope, reminding all who heard it that, in the end, love and acceptance were the true pillars of a harmonious and inclusive community.

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Today we finally had a wedding. We of course were waiting on Nora, but she finally decided to show up. Before walking down the aisle, Viki and Nora chatted and Viki told her she wouldn’t want anyone else marrying Clint.  Bo kept trying to tell Clint about what happened between him and Nora but of course got interrupted everytime.  I had forgotten that Nora was Jewish! The Rabbi quickly reminded me! Talk about a complicated wedding, its a double wedding, its a Catholic/Jewish wedding, and we have a bride who can’t make a decision! I love how they had Viki and Charlie on one side with their wedding party and Nora and Clint on the other with their wedding party. I also loved how the Priest and the Rabbi went back and forth. I was a little bummed with the use of the traditional wedding march, they could have used something much better. I also think that wardrobe did an amazing job with the brides’ dresses as well as the bridesmaid’s dresses. Everyone looked beautiful and I felt like Viki and Nora’s dresses were age appropriate, elegant, and beautiful. 

Rex was waiting in the loft for Stacy to return. When she did she put on her crazy face and told Rex how happy she was to see him and yada yada yada! Rex told her he was throwing her out and she totally put on a guilt trip. I am not even going to go into details because we’ve heard it all before. Anyway, Rex gave by throwing the keys onto the floor and leaving without saying a word. NICE!  Over at the carriage house, Schuyler stopped by to see Gigi. Gigi was freaking about because she was late to the wedding, not to mention everything else. Rex came home and she asked if he threw Stacy out. When he told her the bad news she was pissed and left. Then Rex bascially told Schuyler to stay away from Gigi, but Schuyler wasn’t having it. This could get interesting!

The best part of the episode today? Blair’s fantasy about her future! OMG!! I thought I was going to puke from laughing so much!  The thought of Dorian being a cat lady is hilarious!!! I thought for a second we were going to have a live Kitty Benson! Dorian and Blair’s singing number was great, so comical! Todd and Tea showing up was the icing on the cake! Todd holding up his hankey to his nose was hysterical! Tea speaking with her fancy accent cracked me up and she looked unfreakingbelievable! Back in reality, Tea and Todd were amusing at the wedding. Very flirty, very fun and cute. I love them. I have a feeling that is all going to get blown to hell soon though. 

We got another new opening today! For those of you who aren’t aware, OLTL uses two different openings. Today’s opening had the additions of Stacy, Kyle, and Tea! We will be posting both openings soon so check them out!

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Gay Boys Chat

In the charming town of Rainbow Valley, love knew no boundaries. It was a place where every color of the rainbow was celebrated, including the vibrant spectrum of human love. This is where the story of two men, Max and Leo, unfolded, painting the town with hues of happiness and acceptance.

Max and Leo had been friends for years. They shared laughter, secrets, and dreams beneath the shade of a massive oak tree that stood at the heart of Rainbow Valley. It was under this very tree that their friendship transformed into something more profound – love.

At first, Max and Leo hesitated to share their newfound feelings with each other. They were aware that Rainbow Valley was known for its warm-hearted and open-minded residents, but love was a delicate subject, especially when it defied traditional norms. They feared that their relationship might be met with skepticism or rejection.

One sunny afternoon, as they sat beneath their oak tree, their hands brushed against each other. Max turned to Leo, his eyes filled with affection, and whispered, “Leo, there’s something I need to tell you.”

Leo, his heart pounding, nodded in agreement. “Me too, Max,” he confessed.

And with that, the floodgates of their emotions opened, and they shared their deepest secrets. They found solace in each other’s arms, realizing that their love was pure and beautiful, regardless of society’s expectations.

Rainbow Valley, true to its name, embraced their love without hesitation. The townsfolk celebrated Max and Leo’s relationship, recognizing that love was love, no matter its form. The local bakery even created a rainbow-themed cake in their honor, symbolizing the diversity of love that flourished within the town.

As Max and Leo’s love grew stronger, so did their commitment to making Rainbow Valley an even more inclusive place. They joined the town’s LGBTQ+ alliance, working side by side with their neighbors to raise awareness about acceptance, equality, and love in all its forms.

Their story became a beacon of hope for those struggling to accept themselves and for others who wanted to understand the beauty of same-sex love. Schools in Rainbow Valley began to include LGBTQ+ education in their curricula, fostering understanding and empathy from an early age.

Max and Leo’s love story touched not only the hearts of the people in Rainbow Valley but also those in neighboring towns. They received messages of support from all around, proving that love was a language that transcended boundaries.

One sunny day, beneath their beloved oak tree, Max and Leo exchanged vows, surrounded by friends, family, and a community that had wholeheartedly accepted and celebrated their love. Their wedding was a testament to the power of love, acceptance, and the beautiful tapestry of human relationships.

Rainbow Valley became a symbol of hope and love, where every color of the rainbow was not only seen but celebrated. Max and Leo’s love story was a reminder that love could conquer all, and in Rainbow Valley, it thrived in all its glorious colors, lighting up the hearts of those fortunate enough to call it home.

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AMC only had time for 3 major story lines play out today, so I will get right to it.

Krystal ran into Taylor at the club and asked her about her relationship with Tad. Thinking that Krystal still has feelings for Tad, Taylor denied all. Krystal then told Taylor that Tad’s feelings were not to be messed with and that he was looking for the real thing. Taylor then ordered some fries, to which Krystal added cheese, and the two ladies spent the rest of the episode discussing Tad and his relationship woes.

Over at Taylor’s, Amanda and Jake showed up and informed Tad that now they would be pretending to adopt Trevor to explain his sudden appearance to David. Jake went off to do his “business” at the hospital, which didn’t have anything to do with helping sick people, leaving Amanda alone with Tad. Amanda and Tad had a heart to heart about Taylor and Tad’s true feelings for her. I am loving this couple already!

Everyone else in town were at the courthouse, where Kendall feigned as if she had to pee really badly. The idiot cops fell for her “I will sue you” tantrum and let her go. Big mistake. She broke out with the help of her two husbands Zach and Ryan, and the addition of the good Dr. Jake. After Ryan had a not-so tearful goodbye with Spike and Ian, Kendall refused to leave. Zach came out of nowhere and told Kendall to run as fast and far as she could. Kendall of course, played the martyr, saying she couldn’t do that to her baby’s daddies. In the background, sirens blared.

Liza was left chilling in the courtroom all by her lonesome when the ignorant Jesse came in, doing what he does best: Throwing accusations at other people when he knows that either he or Zach is really responsible for what the hell he is accusing them of. Liza told him to buzz off, so to say, and he did. Liza proceeded to throw what she thought was a solo violence session. She picked up her briefcase and angrily swung it, smacking David in the face with it. I hope this for some random reason turns into a hot steamy kiss. Yay for that.


Rafe flashes back to his conversation with Meredith, while he is in bed with Sami. Then, her cell rings. She answers it, and it is Caroline, informing her that Chloe is in a coma. Sami then gives Rafe the lowdown. Sami freaks out about how Will & Ali will handle this. Sami leaves a message to Lucas, and asks him to call her. She says she got the whole story from Roman. Then, Sami vents about Chloe cheating on Lucas to Rafe. Sami says that Chloe brought all this on herself. Rafe assumes Lucas poisoned her, and backs it up with the fact that he shot EJ. Rafe is surprised to learn Daniel is the main suspect, considering all he did for Grace. Sami’s talks about how people love can do crazy things, which makes Rafe think. She then apologizes for inadvertently implying anything about Emily and him. Ali walks in and Sami tells her about Chloe. Sami apologizes about what she said earlier (people in love do crazy things). Rafe doesn’t think twice about it. Sami begins to think about her past ways of screwing good things up. Rafe tells her this won’t be screwed up by them.

Stefano wants Meredith to tell Sami what she knows about Rafe. When she is hesitant to do so, he says that he will do it himself. Meredith stops Stefano from leaving. She tells Stefano what she has told Sami already. Stefano continues to elaborate a bit, and leaves Meredith with a bit of guilter. Meredith begins to write a letter to Sami, explaining about the day Emily died. She explains her reasoning for writing the letter. She concludes by saying that if Emily had known what Rafe was really like, then she’d still be with us. Meredith has the letter ready for Sami. Meredith promises that this letter isn’t the end.

Brady assures Nicole that he will be there for her. She and him promise to be there for Chloe through her coma. Nicole then ponders how this happened to Chloe. Brady informs Nicole that Chloe was poisoned. Nicole is stunned to then find out that Daniel was arrested. Nicole tells Brady that Chloe loves Daniel, and vice versa. He finds it hard to believe, but can believe it. Nicole says something, that doesn’t add up for Brady. He confesses that Dr. Dan told him about his feelings for Chloe, that he was “deeply in love with and couldn’t stop thinking about him”. They realize that Chloe is the only one that can tell them what happened. Nicole still can’t believe that Daniel would do this, and neither can Brady. Nicole brings up Kate’s name. She assumes she is capable of such things.

Nicole returns to the DiMera mansion, and Stefano is there making a “Virgin Mary”. He notices that Nicole is a bit down, and she explains it’s because of Chloe. Stefano asks if she will survive, and Nicole is not sure. Stefano then tells Nicole she no longer has to worry about Rafe. All he says is that it is done. Nicole wonders if Stefano had something to do with Sami being upset. He tells her that Sami & Rafe’s house of cards will soon be tumbling down. Nicole changes her mind, and asks Stefano to stop going after Rafe. Stefano doesn’t believe it. He then tells Nicole that if Rafe doesn’t leave, Nicole will lose Sydney, EJ and everything. Stefano then wonder where this change came from. Nicole confesses that she feels guilty. Stefano tells he to let it go, and never look back.

Lucas is outraged by Daniel’s accusation that Kate killed Chloe. Daniel tries to convince Lucas that he is right. Lucas continues to defend Daniel, but he tells her what really happened. He says that Kate has been lying about not knowing about the affair. Lucas doesn’t believe things add up. Daniel tells Lucas that Kate has a problem, and that she holds onto anger and uses it as a motivator. Lucas tells him that her children motivate her. Daniel then tells Lucas he is pathetic for not seeing what is really happening with Kate. Daniel tells him she did this for him. Daniel explains the whole series of Kate’s thinking. Lucas still refuses to buy it, and tells Dan that it is his and Chloe’s fault. Lucas accuses Daniel of poisoning Chloe, and framing Kate. Lucas accuses Daniel of being a sexual predator, going after Chelsea, Kate and Chloe. Lucas then feels badly for Daniel’s new girl. He wonders what girl he’s talking about, and Lucas tells him the girl that was at his apartment before he poisoned Chloe. Lucas tells Daniel it’s the women who the scarf belongs to. He then accuses him of not knowing whys he was sick. He tells Lucas that if he knew what was wrong with Chloe, then he would have given her the antidote she needed, not only because he is a doctor, but because he loves her. Lucas tells Daniel he wanted her dead, and that he still does. Daniel re-assures Lucas he would never hurt Chloe, but Lucas still doesn’t buy it. He tells Daniel that Chloe was on to him. He taunts Daniel, after Daniel says he won’t deal with Lucas anymore. Daniel pleads with Lucas yet again to believe him. He gives him an ultimatum: Listen to me, or Chloe will die! Daniel tells Lucas to keep Kate away from Chloe and to get Lexie down to jail, so they can discuss the case. Lucas tells him hell to the no. Daniel tells Lucas that if he doesn’t listen, Chloe will die, and it’ll be his own fault. Lucas feeds it back to him. Daniel says that when Chloe wakes up, she will leave Lucas for him. Lucas tells Dan he’s nuts. He reminds him of the way she acted before she went into a coma. Daniel still pleas, and tells Lucas about what he and Chloe discussed.

Victor confronts Kate about her behavior as of late. He says that he leaving makes her look guilty. Victor continues to feed Kate what he knows she did. He is angry that she is framing Daniel, and he kicks her out of the house before she can tell him she is leaving. Kate tells Vic she is moving into Lucas’ house, and Victor reprimands her for it. Kate tells Victor she didn’t do anything to Chloe. Victor then threatens to tell Lucas the truth. Kate wonders why Victor turned on her. He tells her because it was she went after Daniel. Then, he accuses her of doing this for herself, not Lucas. He tells her she did for revenge on Daniel choosing Chloe over Kate. Kate is fed up with Victor’s accusations. She tells him it is about Lucas still being fooled by that slut Chloe and Ali living with her. Victor wonders why Kate couldn’t have simply told the truth and told Lucas to get a divorce. Kate then informs Victor that she will go find a place where she and Phillip can live. Kate then pulls a guilt trip on Victor, concerning Phillips love for Kate. He agrees to let her stay for Phillips’ sake, and that he won’t say anything about Kate’s deed. Brady walks in, and Kate leaves. Brady asks Victor what Kate’s little act was all about. Victor tries to avoid Brady’s question. He makes up a little story, and Brady still has a question. Victor again covers for Kate. He leaves, and Brady is still a little puzzled.

Kate visits Chloe’s hospital room. She has a little monologue about Chloe. Then, she wonders if Chloe can hear what people say to her. Kate continues to be a sly fox, and recites some poetry. She then relates the stanza to Lucas & Chloe’s relationship. Basically, she plays Monday morning quarterback, with different what-ifs. She admits that she was falling in love with Daniel.

Daily Days Trivia: Rafe was Sami’s third agent in the Witness Protection Program. Do you remember the agent he replaced? (Leave your answers in the reply on Streamate Cams, and read tomorrow for the answer)


I will keep this short and sweet because today’s episode was pretty average, as can be expected from a Monday.

Kristina and Micheal are still on the run. Micheal spent most of today’s episode kissing Kristina’s ass while Kristina felt guilty because he was doing so and she knew that she didn’t deserve it. Sam and Jason spent most of the episode chasing after the kids while having a heart to heart about Sam’s brother who had died when she was younger. I need more details about that. Who knows?

When we left off Friday, Dante had just gone head to head with both Lucky and Ethan as all the boys had a pool stick fight in Lulu’s honor. Today, Nikolas and Rebecca joined the festivities. Lulu and Rebecca defended Dante, but most importantly, Lulu’s right to live her own life. Of course, Nikolas sided with the brothers Spencer. Dante laughed the boys off, saying they were all jealous of him. Lulu then invited Dante back to her place so she could patch up his injuries and make him feel all better. Dante more than willingly agreed, while the brothers bitched and moaned.

Johnny went to visit a snowballed Claudia, who is still in denial about Sonny and his feelings for her. Johnny filled her in on catching Sonny with his tongue down Olivia’s throat. Gaining this knowledge did not sway Claudia’s opinion that Sonny would love her because of the profound loss of their baby. Yada. Yada. Yada. Claudia later called Jerry Jacks and told him to stop searching for the kids. He kindly informed her that it was just a little too late for that.

Sonny ran to Olivia’s and tried to get her to admit that she loves him. She rejected his advances again and forced him to leave, even though you could see it pained her to do so. Enter Johnny, who was there to lend an ear and a handsome shoulder to his lover, which is just what Olivia needed. The two shared coffee and googly eyes.

I am not sure what happened at the end of today’s episode. I was busy fighting with my ex-husband. However, I noticed that Claudia was having some kind of fantasy about holding and talking to a baby. Anyone care to explain this one to me? Thanks!


News was spreading on Twitter like wild fire that Shemar Moore had been hit by a car while riding his motorcycle. After further investigation, I discovered that this announcement was true. However, hottie fans, never fear! Shemar is okay, albeit suffering from a broken leg. Hopefully, this will not interfere with his alleged upcoming three day stint as Lily’s dad Malcolm on Young and the Restless. She does need him now more than ever, after all; broken leg or not!


Everybody was pissed off in Oakdale today, with the exception of Vienna, who seems to think that the world is made of sunshine and roses. All she sees is the good in Audrey, while Henry holds nothing but contempt for her. Obviously, he has his reasons. (Issues!) Today, Henry read Audrey’s diary and quickly deduced that she was a killer of some type and that a man named Jay would be her next victim. Coincidentally, Audrey’s boyfriend Jay happened to arrive and was meeting Vienna while Henry read this diary. Henry called Vienna and asked her if Audrey had harmed her in any way. Vienna giggled his worries away. Henry showed up and flat out told Jay that Audrey was planning on killing him. Jay acted as if he left, but later resurfaced again. Audrey seems as if she is scared of him or doesn’t like him or something. I’m not sure. Vienna eventually talked Henry into a new way of thinking, but in his mind, Audrey is up to something.

Paul is determined to bankroll Emily and her latest project. Emily is down for it as long as Paul continues to not remember who the hell he really is. Emily went to Meg to give her a check from Paul to Eliza and Meg picked a fight. Emily told her not to shoot the messenger. She also told Meg to just shut up and take the money while Paul isn’t obsessing over her. Meg is jealous. She went off on Paul about his abandonment of Eliza and stormed out. She went whining to Damian, who asked her if she still had feelings for Paul.

Lily fought with Damian about his idea to offer Meg a job. Lily said she wasn’t qualified, Damian asked her if she still had feelings for him. Lily denied this. Meg then came over, went off on Lily, and accused her of still having feelings for Damian. Lily denied this once again, going off on Meg all the while.

Later, Damian ran into Emily and told her to keep up the good work. Emily asked him what he meant by that and he said he didn’t know, but to just keep doing it. As long as Paul was busy, he could have Emily all to himself.

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I am sure that B&B fans everywhere were disappointed that we didn’t get to see Brooke scream at the minister and call him Padre again. However, this is one of those times when one scene is going to last all week it seems, so Brooke will be wearing that dirty get up at least.

Brooke did attempt to call out Steffy the Stupid several times, but was shut down by Stephanie who continued to tell her to shut up. Taylor whined on and on about it being her wedding day and how rude Brooke was for interrupting. That’s the botox calling the lips inflated! Taylor has interrupted several of Brooke’s weddings to Ridge.

Ridge chose to take the two women into a room alone where the three argued over who Ridge loves the most. I don’t see how anybody can blame Brooke for being hurt and pissed off. He was her husband 2 weeks ago, at least she thought he was!

Thomas and Steffy need to grow up and while they are doing it, they need to teach Stephanie, step-by-step, how to do so also. Apparently, she missed that part in school.

Jackie and Whip, or Jip as I like to call them, had another flirt fest and Jackie is dangerously close to hopping on the Whip train and never looking back. That would make us just about square.


Happy Monday soap lovers! Today’s episode started off with Nikki and Noah having a heart to heart about all things love, considering the debacle that are his parents. Later, Noah had another heart to heart with Sharon where she continued to lie to him while telling him he was going to be such a good big brother.

Phyllis and Nick were at the tack house when Nick started to leave. Phyllis asked him where he was going and Nick did the same old thing and said he was going to tell Sharon that they had remarried. Phyllis accepted this, assuming that Sharon and Jack are good to go. Nick told Sharon his news, while she told him her news about Jack. Sharon did not, however, spill the baby beans to the father because that would be crazy I guess.

Speaking of crazy, Ashley was having some crazy moments on Friday. She seemed to have it together today. That is, until Victor came in acting like he hadn’t done anything wrong and talking to her in that annoying baby voice. Ashley told Victor she needed some air and was going to take Zapato for a walk. Mary Jane was hiding in the potting shed, looking for Kitty Benson, there to rescue him from the evil talons of the Newman family. Zapato came running in and sniffing Mary Jane, which of course caused her to become disgruntled. This didn’t phase Zapato, who decided that gift giving was in order. He ran off, only to return with Kitty Benson’s tail hanging from his spitty, drooly, dog mouth. Mary Jane was devastated. She picked up the remaining pieces of Kitty Benson and headed to Jimmy’s.

Jack stopped by Phyllis and Nick’s and had a heart to heart with Big Red about his break up with Sharon, the cleavage queen. (Come on! That was NOT necessary!) Phyllis told him to stick it through and be a good dad to his kid, as Jack decided to keep the maybe-baby secret for the sake of Phyllis herself. I am pretty sure he could care less what happens to Sharon. He headed to Jimmy’s after talking to Phyllis and told Billy just that.

An incognito Mary Jane and Kitty Benson’s mangled remains were there, eavesdropping on the whole conversation. Billy got up to get some drinks and Jack stopped paying attention to his drink long enough for Mary Jane to slip Jack a mickey. I think tomorrow’s eppy is going to prove to be watch worthy!

Abby was on today and she encouraged Ashley to forgive her father for being an over protective jerk. Ashley remained silent but she had that look on her face that said “I am seriously considering doing just that.”

Today’s episode featured some old school Nick and Sharon musical montage flashback scenes. This usually smells permanent demise of a couple in soap world. The saga may finally be over. At the end of the eppy, Nick and Phyllis were hanging out and having fun together when Summer began to sing over the baby monitor. It was a touching moment. I almost busted a tear. Almost.


Each week since the 411 has been up and operating, Jess and I have carefully selected the best makin love videos we can find for your Monday morning viewing pleasure. This is week three of Makin Love Mondays, and we are excited to have quite a lovely selection for you this morning.

Grab your coffee, turn off the Today show and chill with us. Good morning and we hope your week is a good one and a good week for soaps as well!

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When a show is getting canceled it is safe to assume that our favorite couples are either going to live happily ever after or split up forever. In the case of Dinah and Shayne, it’s going to be a little of both.

The happy couple will make down the aisle secrets and all. Vows will be recited. I do’s stated. Dinah will suddenly have an attack of conscious and tell her seconds old hubby what really happened Edmund and run away, claiming she is leaving town. That sucks for Shayne, and I hear it’s only going to get worse for him.

I have been hearing rumors that 1. Edmund will be back. That brings up some questions. 2. Mallet will help Dinah cover up her role in the death. That makes me pissed because he will always choose Dinah over his supposed real love, Marina.

Jeffery gets discovered this week by a very hot and sexy Jonathon. Here’s hoping he can clear up some of the details for these people!

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